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Nukkles Massage
One touch and you'll be hooked!

Nukkles is a one-of-a-kind hand held massage product that makes it easy for anyone to provide a deeply satisfying massage. Use directly over clothing - no oils required. The only massage tool you need is Nukkles. Nukkles is light, simple, and makes the perfect gift. The more Nukkles you buy,  the more you save.

Each set of 2 Nukkles includes "Complete Guide to Nukkles Massage" instructions. Either way, just one touch and you'll be hooked!

Nukkles works great without any massage oils on top of clothing, but if you would like to use directly on skin, oils are recommended.

In the summer, fill the 4 reservoirs with water and put in the freezer for an ice Nukkles massage!

Nukkles comes in a beautifully classy sapphire blue.

From the company that makes Nukkles take a look at Astrojax, the "free-dimensional orbiter".

MSRP: 19.95 Each
Our Blowout Prices:
Quantity Price
1 Pair $11.97
2 Pairs $10.97
3 or 4 Pairs $ 9.97
5 to 11 Pairs $ 8.97
12+ pairs $ 7.97

in US on all orders
$15 or more

No. of Pairs: - The pre-eminent massage chair dealer. Here you will find much information pertaining to massage chairs and their abilities to relax and refresh their user 24 hours a day. For over 10 years, we have scoured the world to find and bring to you the best and most dependable massage chairs on earth

Need lithium coin cell batteries? We have a full line. Either go to our special page for CR2032 and CR2016 batteries, or go to our page for other lithium batteries!

Don't forget to add a photon light to your order. The turquoise photon II makes a beautiful gift. The white photon I is perfect for keychains. Everyone will ask, "Where can I get one too!"

Have an MP3 player or portable CD player? What about a power hungry digital camera? Get your AA NiMH batteries here. They last 1000 charges! Our AA NiMH batteries have a high capacity of 1800 mAh.

NEW! Try the photon freedom - this is an extremely popular light that has many modes of operation. See details of the photon freedom.

Finally, the mother of all rave lights, the Ravn Rave Light. Flashing between 3 colors, the Ravn Light will get everyone's attention in an instant.




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